Here is the first of our two “How do you Honeyville?” giveaway recipes, Wheat Berry Chili by Susan Nixon. Enjoy!

2 cups of Honeyville Hard White Wheat, rinsed and drained
2 cans chopped tomatoes, not drained (or Honeyville tomato powder + 1/2 c. water in addition to the water left from softening wheat berries.)
1 can Progresso tomato soup (either kind)
1 can tomato paste
1 pkg. onion soup mix (or fresh onions, or dried onions from cannery)
1 pkg. beef stew mix (bought from store, or your favorite spice mix for chili)

Note: Honeyville Freeze-dried or dehydrated carrots or bell peppers, or your favorite beans could be added to your chili.  If you absolutely MUST have meat (this doesn’t need it, trust me!), you can add your favorite freeze-dried meat or soy flavor.  Want it hot?  Spice it up with your favorite hot spices.

Prepare wheat berries as directed at the top of the page. Be sure they are always covered with water. I put mine in the slow cooker overnight on low, and they were perfect in the morning. I drained off

almost all the water (which can be saved for a soup or stew base, too) and left the wheat in the slow cooker pot.

Add remaining ingredients, except for chili mix. Stir well. Cook on medium for a couple of hours.
Add chili mix. Stir well.Cook on medium at least one more hour to allow flavors to blend. It doesn’t hurt if you leave it several hours.
Serve warm, topped with shredded cheese and/or onion bits, if desired. Oyster crackers also make a nice topping for it. Eat and enjoy!
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