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At Honeyville, we don’t just deliver products; we deliver a commitment to excellence. Our premium ingredients serve as the heart of every creation our customers bring to the table. With a dedication to unwavering quality, our curated food ingredients are tailored to meet the unique needs of your bakery, restaurant, or food manufacturing business. That’s Wholesale Distribution how it should be.

Wholesale Premium Products

Premium Products

Quality is our promise. Whether you’re in search of the finest flour, grains, dried fruit, or other bakery ingredients, you can expect the very best from the Honeyville product portfolio.

Wholesale Specialty Grain Milling

Specialty Grain Milling

Nestled in the hills of Honeyville, Utah, our state-of-the-art grain mill is poised to deliver high-quality whole grain products. With flexibility and capacity at the forefront, our team has the passion and expertise to enhance your culinary endeavors.

Wholesale Heat Treatment

TempSURE® Heat-Treatment

Our proprietary, TempSURE® heat treatment uses all-natural dry heat to reduce or eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and other pathogens in dry food ingredients. We treat products in their original packaging to mitigate food safety risks.

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