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Heat Treatment

TempSURE® Heat Treatment

Honeyville’s TempSURE® Heat Treatment is a unique, proprietary process that uses closely monitored heat as a kill step to reduce or eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens in dry food ingredients. The all-natural process is a micro-reduction system that mitigates food safety risks. Our TempSURE® Heat Treatment is perfect for grains, flour, spices, and powders.


The TempSURE® Process


Heat penetration is monitored with thermal temperature probes to verify even heat distribution throughout the product. This assures achievement of target temperature and dwell times.


A 100-gram composite sample is collected and sent to an accredited third-party lab for the Micro-CoA. Once the product has been sampled, the bags are pulled off the racks and re-palletized by hand.


Every bag is labeled with a sticker denoting heat treatment completion. The Q.A. sample label is also placed over the opening where we extract the heat-treated product for testing.


All heat-treated lots are placed in quarantine until the Micro-CoA is published by the lab. Once the lab results are received, the heat-treated product is released by our Q.A. team. A Honeyville CoA is then created with the micro information.


Products are placed on racks for treatment in sealed bags and remain in their packages throughout the entire process. The bags, with glue seals, are then taped before treatment.

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At Honeyville, the TempSURE® Process isn't just a series of steps; it's a commitment to delivering the highest standard of safety and quality in every dry food ingredient we treat. Contact us below to learn more about what can be heat-treated.

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