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Honeyville's People. Planet. Food. Initiative

"Try and leave this world a little better than you found it."

This guiding principle, from the founder of Scouting, is ingrained in me after years of spending time outdoors. It serves as the foundation of how I lead Honeyville. It’s a simple understanding that each of us can reduce our impact on the environment and the collective footprint we leave on the planet.

As a manufacturer, we hold the unique position to spearhead efforts in waste reduction, recycling, and the adoption of sustainable materials as we produce quality products to feed the world. Our commitment to people, the planet and food is not just a priority; it’s good business. Through comprehensive environmental management practices, embracing renewable energy, minimizing waste, conserving resources, and reducing our carbon footprint, we are integrating sustainability as a core value.

At Honeyville, we understand that our commitment to doing what’s right will not only have a long-term impact on the planet but also impact our organization’s future prosperity. Preserving the environment is the essence of the way it should be.

 -David Brown, CEO
David Brown CEO (1)

People. Planet. Food.

At Honeyville, we know doing good by others and by our environment plays a pivotal role in our organization’s commitment to excellence. We take our responsibility to operate with sustainability seriously, to leave the world in a better place for future generations.

That’s the way it should be. And that vision has led to the creation of an initiative built on three pillars: People. Planet. Food.

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Empowering People

Honeyville is a company founded on the principle of inclusion. We know our people are the backbone of our success. And we value their backgrounds and perspectives just as much as their contributions. That’s why we’ve fostered a culture of positivity, individuality, and development to unlock our team’s full potential.  

Our Commitments to People

Increase In Minority, Women, And Veteran Owned Suppliers
Increase in Minority, Women, and Veteran-owned Suppliers

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends into our supply chain. We’re seeking out businesses from a wide range of backgrounds who bring unique perspectives and capabilities to the table. We aim to increase providing opportunities to diverse suppliers by 10% of our addressable spend by 2030.

Women In Leadership
Women in Leadership

Honeyville recognizes the value of gender diversity in leadership roles. We’re committed to fostering a management team that promotes equal opportunities for advancement and are implementing initiatives and mentorship programs aimed at increasing inclusivity across our organization. 

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Protecting the Planet

We’re passionate about preserving the planet for future generations. We’re reducing our impact on the planet by lowering our consumption of precious resources and improving our recycling efforts to reduce overall waste.

Our Commitments to Planet

Reduction In Power Consumption Intensity
Reduction in Power Consumption Intensity

We’re implementing utility programs to monitor and optimize energy consumption across all our operations and using energy-efficient technologies.  

Reduction In Material Waste
Reduction in Material Waste

Recycling is a cornerstone of our waste reduction efforts. We have created comprehensive recycling programs for materials like screening, cardboard, and feed waste to divert waste from landfills and minimize pollution. We’re also committed to providing sustainable packaging options to our customers, sourcing eco-friendly materials.  

Reduction In Fuel Consumption
Reduction in Fuel Consumption

Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is an essential step toward minimizing our environmental impact. To achieve this, we are implementing utility programs and optimizing water usage to reduce fuel consumption.  

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Elevating Food

A holistic approach to food involves both human health and environmental stewardship. Ensuring the utmost safety and quality in both our production processes and our end products is a top priority. We’re fostering a more sustainable food network to reduce waste, support local farmers and better engage communities. But it does not stop there. We’re also dedicated to making nutritious food more accessible for those in need.  

Our Commitments to Food

100,000 People (1)

We aspire to feed 100,000 people through donations, volunteer opportunities and humanitarian efforts by engaging with communities and partnering with local organizations. Our goal is to address food insecurity and contribute to the well-being of those in need.  

2% Safe Products – No Words
Safe Products

As a leading food manufacturer and ingredient distributor, safety is the cornerstone of our business. We are continually optimizing our processes to ensure safety and quality come first, for both our employees and our customers.  

For Generations to Come

Honeyville is fully dedicated to creating a better world for all, and we encourage our partners to join us in building a more equitable, resilient, and thriving planet for future generations.  

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