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Honeyville Specialty Grain Milling

For decades, Honeyville’s whole grain mill has been a beacon of excellence, driven by the goal of helping customers succeed with premium ingredients. Every milling technology and service we offer is a testament to our dedication to solving culinary challenges. The mill is our headquarters for innovation, where we craft valuable solutions for our customers every day.

Wholesale Specialty Grain Milling

The Value of Honeyville’s Specialty Grain Milling

At Honeyville, we embrace versatility to deliver tailor-made solutions for our customers. Our diversification allows us to offer:

  • Whole grains
  • (RTE) Flaked grains
  • Cracked grains
  • Multi-grain mixes
  • Whole-grain flours
  • Pearled and hulled grains
  • Soy meal processing

Our Specialty Grain Milling Process

  1. Raw whole grain ingredients are unloaded and sent through a gentle yet detailed cleaning and sorting process to ensure that only the finest whole grains are used.
  2. Using infrared technology and thorough quality checks, whole grains are sorted by color, weight, size, and shape. Our detailed cleaning and sorting processes ensure that contaminates and foreign material are removed so all that is left is a beautiful, clean, consistent whole grain berry.
  3. From there, we focus on the finished product. At Honeyville, we offer expansive services including cracking, steel-cutting, rolling and flaking, hulling, pearling, and milling. The final flours can be coarse, fine, or somewhere in between, and we can even custom blend using some or all of the above.
  4. Our top-quality bulk grains and seeds are shipped throughout the world by pallet, tote, truckload, or rail car depending on our customer’s needs.

Let us show you how our specialty grain milling capabilities can elevate your business. Get in touch with our dedicated team here.

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