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Honeyville & Page House Release First-Ever Consumer Heat-Treated Flour

The cautions about eating raw cookie dough are everywhere, even if the cookie dough is egg-free. Warnings from the Center of Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration have advised about the dangers of raw flour. Massive recalls have been issued because of contaminated flour that has caused illness. While food manufacturers have switched to using heat-treated flour to kill harmful bacteria in food that may be consumed raw, options for the American household have been non-existent. Seeing a need for a safer option Page House has released the first-ever heat-treated flour for household use. Page House flour is exposed to heat through a treatment process which eliminates harmful bacteria making it safe to handle or consume raw. Generally, recipes that include cooking or baking flour provide this necessary kill-step to ensure safe handling and eating. However, with a surge in raw recipes, like edible cookie dough, the need for a safer option for families has never been greater. As such, heat-treated flour is a perfect option for raw recipes, like cookie dough or brownie batter (in egg-less or pasteurized egg recipes), crafts with kids like homemade play dough, or anytime you're cooking or baking with kids that may not yet understand safe food handling procedures. Each batch of flour is tested to ensure safety before being sold, and test results are published publicly for review as part of a commitment to transparency. This first-ever consumer packaged heat-treated flour will be ready for mixing the most delicious raw cookie dough by mid-April and will available through the Page House website.

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