After I had seen several “Waffle Iron” type sandwiches, I couldn’t wait to test one out! And that I did- and yes, it was amazing!!! This might become a new “weekly” meal in my home. And no one would ever know if I used freeze dried product versus fresh- they taste the same! So here is the recipe- and I really think you should test it out this week too! Enjoy!!

2 slices of Bread
small handful of Spinach
1 tsp. Italian Dressing
Salt and Pepper
Re-hydrate turkey and cheese. 

Drain. Spread mayo on bread and then layer with meat, cheese, spinach, Italian dressing and salt and pepper.

Grease the waffle iron and put sandwich in waffle iron and press down firmly. Cook until the bread is brown and crispy.
Layer the sandwich with all ingredients
Place on a greased waffle iron- make sure you press down firmly. And then enjoy every bite of your sandwich!!!