Everyone always wants to know about Vital Wheat Gluten & Dough Conditioner….what does it do? Why do you need it? And with the holidays coming and all the baking that is happening here is a little Basic 101 in that area:
Vital Wheat Gluten
-Gluten is the natural protein found in wheat
-Honeyville’s Vital Wheat Gluten has a protein level of 75%
-Helps improve the elasticity and shape of the bread
-Typical taste is enhanced
-Especially helpful when using low protein flours (whole wheat, rye, etc)
-Improves nutritional value
Honeyville’s Vital Wheat Gluten when kept in original sealed container has a shelf life of 7-10 years
Dough Conditioner
Dough Conditioner in a Can
-Improves the taste & texture of your bread
-Improves the shelf life of your bread
-Your bread will be lighter and better shaped
-Helps bread rise faster
Honeyville’s Dough Conditionerr has a shelf life of 10  years when store in the original container and ideal storage conditions.
If you aren’t already using both of these products, start now! They are fabulous and you will be very impressed!