Most people come here looking for their next great recipe to try, not nutritional advice or new ways to use the ingredients in your kitchen cabinets.  Today however I am going to tell you about the health benefits of Coconut Oil and some ways you can use Coconut Oil that you may never have even thought of before. 

Coconut Oil has been known to be an effective against all sorts of germs and viruses.  Whether you have a cut on your skin or you frequently get colds,  adding coconut oil may be just what you’ve been looking for.  Coconut Oil obviously can be used in cooking in equal parts as a replacement for other types of oil or butter.  But because just one or two tablespoons a day can do so much for your health, some have called it the drugstore in a bottle or the miracle oil.

Here are just a few of the benefits of adding coconut oil to your diet :
  • Increases resistance to viruses and bacteria.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Can help lower cholesterol.
  • Natural way to keep your blood pressure in check.
  • Stimulates metabolism and reduces abdominal fat.
  • Decreases chronic inflammation.
  • Speeds the healing of skin conditions and any minor wounds, cuts and burns.

Let me give you just a few suggestions on how to make the Coconut Oil switch in your diet:  Try Coconut Oil on your toast instead of butter. Cook your eggs in Coconut Oil.  It gives them just a hint of a different taste.  
Coconut Oil is also really great for dry skin. Not only does it help moisturize and restore skin cells, but it also smells great!  People already know the many benefits of vitamin E for the skin, and Coconut Oil is high in vitamin E along with many other nutrients that make using it as a lotion or moisturizer a bonus. It even works on acne because of its anti-bacterial properties. 
Coconut Oil is great for your hair as well.  If you are looking for a good condition then look no further.  Just be warned if you have perm in your hair that it will pull the curl out.  
Want to try a new tooth whitening paste. Mix equal parts Coconut Oil and baking soda and use it to brush your teeth. About 6 tablespoons of each and store in mason jar. You can add any essential oil you like for taste, but this is optional. The Coconut Oil has properties that fight off gingivitis and periodontal diseases and the baking soda is the perfect tooth whitening agent already used in many tooth pastes.  It is easy to make and not hard on your palate either.

You can also use Coconut Oil and baking soda to make your own deodorant, but I’m going save that recipe  until some other time. 
Coconut Oil is also great for your dog’s skin and coat.  And you know you won’t have a hard time getting Tigger to take his medicine when it tastes so good.  No more need for those pill pockets!  It really is a great way to keep your dog healthy.  Your dog just needs a very small amount, maybe half a teaspoon.

I hope you will try some of these ideas with your Coconut Oil today.
Now that you’ve seen some of the benefits of Coconut Oil, here are a few recipes using our amazing Coconut Oil. What are some ways you’ve been able to incorporate it in your diet?