Every day we think about food. Have you ever thought about how food is really something that we center our lives around? What are we going to eat? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after school or for a snack? We have a party and we have to plan what we are having to eat. We get married and we have to have rehearsal dinners and receptions and all this involves food. I actually read a statistic recently that said that groceries are second only to rent and mortgage when it comes to monthly expenses. It was shocking to me at first, however when you really think about it, we must have shelter and we must have food to survive. The average American family of four spends $632 to $1,252 per month on grocery bills, according to a recent Department of Agriculture “Cost of Food” survey. We can go another day without a new pair of shoes or a new car. We can go another week with a new dress or suit. But we have to eat to survive.

Honeyville provides a wide variety of freeze dried fruits and vegetables

Now I know that many of us prefer to eat our produce fresh. That is at least one argument I often hear.  How many of you never eat fruits or vegetables, however, because they go bad before you ever get to eat them?  Or perhaps you would have to go to the store every other day to keep a fresh stock of produce on hand? With Honeyville’s selection of products, you can try out new things and stay within your budget. There is no need to throw things away that have gone bad. When you trash food, you throw out money. It’s estimated that in the United States alone $165 billion in food is wasted each year. That’s nearly $529 per person.

Honeyville’s products come sealed in a #10 can for freshness and longer shelf life

Honeyville has gone to great lengths to provide healthy and wholesome food sources for you and your family, whether for dinner tonight or for the coming apocalypse. Many low sodium, no preservative options are available for you to serve to those you love. Honeyville wants to make your life easier and healthier with fruits and vegetables that you can eat right out of the can. Now we understand, you have so many options out there and that many of you have dietary restrictions that you must follow. We want to make eating enjoyable for those who have stubborn eaters at the table as well – because they will love eating freeze dried right out of the can.

Honeyville’s Mix & Match deal helps you save money while building your own, personal 6 Can Case

Take advantage of some of the great options we have here at Honeyville, like our Mix and Match Build A Case program, which allows you to buy any 6 #10 cans of your choice and get 10% off your order. Be honest with yourself and realize that you can save money by simply buying food that lasts long term and taste great.  Many long term food or MRE’s are made simply for survival, not for taste. Honeyville makes its food to be eaten and enjoyed.  Don’t just prepare but rotate and learn what you enjoy.