Summer is here and that means camping, vacations, and party time!!! I love the parties and the vacations and I love parts of the camping. You see, I am a mom. That should explain it! Moms love watching their kids have fun while camping and enjoy the memories made, but it is SO much work just to get there, SO much work while you are there, and then SO much work to get cleaned up (don’t let that sentence fool you- I am not afraid of hard work-it’s just the mom side of camping!). And maybe that is one reason why I LOVED and I mean LOVED this meal idea!!! So simple to take camping and an easy clean-up. Very little dishes needed. All you need is hot water, a little produce cut, and to top it off-the kids will LOVE this!! Not to mention it is a yummy meal! After eating it I was GIDDY about it! I couldn’t wait to post it, shout it to the world, and just tell you how delicious it was! As just explained, it would be perfect for camping- but what a fun party idea too! I envision my counter lined up with ALL the possible taco toppings, tell everyone to grab either Fritos or Tortilla Chips , open their bags, and start tossing in toppings, have everyone enjoy the meal and then toss the empty bag of chips in the trash- and voila! Clean up is practically over and everyone loved it!! Enough of me babbling- let me tell you how this recipe works:


(makes enough for 2-3 people)

Small Bags of Fritos or Tortilla-like chip (1 for each person eating)
1/2 cup Honeyville Freeze Dried Ground Beef
1/2 cup Honeyville Quick Cook Black Beans
1/2 cup Honeyville Freeze Dried Cheese
Taco Seasoning 

Desired Taco toppings (optional)
Honeyville Powdered Sour Cream

Rehydrate ground beef, black beans (I did this in the same pan-less dishes to wash!), and cheese (though you don’t need to re-hydrate cheese if you like some “crunch” to your taco). Sprinkle taco seasoning on ground beef and black beans and mix well. Then lay out all those ingredients and toss them in the chip bag, stir it around if desired and then eat right out of the bag!

Hope you ENJOY as much as I did!!