Hello my darlings! This is Chef Tess, corporate chef for Honeyville. I’m very excited to visit here on the blog today! I received my new All American Sun Oven here in Arizona last weekend and I’ve been having an amazing time falling in love (all over again) with it! I’ve used the original Global Sun Oven for almost 10 years and the new version is outstanding! With Easter on its way, I thought I’d share a quick post today on how to cook eggs without boiling water using a cardboard egg tray. I did them this weekend just by popping them into the All American Sun Oven right next to my supper pot! In a regular oven, it won’t work. They’ll explode because of the uneven heating of the egg. In a sun oven, you get remarkable even cooking that mimics the even cooking temperature of boiling water enveloping the eggs…but all dry!

Here’s what you do:In an All American Sun Oven, place a cardboard egg carton with the top removed in the oven. It is important that it be a cardboard carton (Styrofoam will melt) and it is important to not get a gooey mess from a melted carton in your oven. If you want to use a pan, it won’t do as well because the egg will have “hot spots” where the inside of the egg will brown. 

Close the sun oven and allow to cook (any temperature over 200 degrees will work). If you place cold eggs in the oven, it will affect the cooking time. 

Here’s the general guide for cooking times (300 degrees):
Single eggs, 20-25 minutes.
Half dozen eggs: 30-35 minutes.
Dozen eggs: 45-50 minutes. 

Allow eggs to cool. You can get out your Easter egg dye and play! You can serve the eggs right away or chill for later use.

Farm fresh eggs giving you trouble to peel?  Sun oven cooking will change your life in that regard! They’re a cinch to peel when done this way! There you go my darlings! Try using the new All American Sun Oven today!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess