Winter time is Lemon time in Arizona and a lot of states. In my garden I have a huge lemon tree and enjoy the season.  From lemonade to pies, I can’t seen to get enough.  Recently I had classes at my teaching center in Mesa and I had visitors from Minnesota. They went crazy over my tree and were thrilled to ship some home. Lemons sure add to flavor for so many of the foods we eat. I love just a splash of juice to pick up any recipe. Added to dressings it can really make them zing with flavor.

Truth be told my very favorite is lemon pie. I love a good lemon pie and put to use many lemons over the season in pie.  Here is my favorite lemon pie recipe. I hope you enjoy it.

Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy

Sour Cream Lemon Pie

1 cup Agave Nectar
1/2 cup Lemon Juice
1 cup Milk or other liquid (I use Silk Coconut)
A dash of Vanilla
Pinch Salt
3 1/2 Tbsp Ultra Gel or Corn Starch
3 Egg Yolks lightly beaten
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
1/2 cup Honeyville Powdered Sour Cream + 1/2 cup Water
Whipped Cream for topping

In medium sauce pan place sugar, lemon juice, milk, extract, salt, and ultra gel or corn starch. Turn in heat to medium high and whisk well while cooking until mixture is thick. Remove from heat and in separate small bowl add egg yolks lightly beaten. Add to yolks a small amount of hot mixture whisking well, continue to do this until you have added about half of the hot mixture.  The reason you do this is so you don’t fry the eggs all at once with the hot mixture.  After you  have added about half and it is well mixed add it back to the hot mixture in the sauce pan. Return it to the heat and continue stirring until mixture is thick and bubbly.  Remove from heat and add butter.  Mix well.

Now you have 2 options.

Option Number 1 is add all the sour cream to the entire mixture and mix well and place in prepared pie shell and let cool. Top with whipped cream and enjoy.

Option Number 2 is remove about 1/3 of the mixture to a separate bowl and add the sour cream to this mixture. Pour the remaining mixture in the bottom of the prepared pie shell.  Smooth out and place the sour cream mixture on top and spread it out over the bottom mixture. This option gives you a layered look. Let cool and top with whipped cream to serve.

I hope you enjoy this delicious pie recipe. I know I did!