I don’t know about you….but at my house, if you can’t think of something to eat, we always resort to taco’s or burritos of some kind. With Honeyville’s Freeze Dried Meat and NEW Shredded Cheese we will ALWAYS have the ingredients for our most popular meal: Tacos!!!!
This time around we used Freeze Dried Beef Chunks. I followed the directions on the can and it turned out perfectly! And tasted JUST like Beef.
While I was boiling the beef, I also re-hydrated the Freeze Dried Cheese……Are you wondering about the cheese??? I did too! Hence, I did a little experiment with the cheese (see the 3 containers?)….I will update you on my experiment later this week. Stay tuned.
I also re-hydrated the Freeze Dried Mushrooms.
Cut up lettuce and tomatoes
And Walla!!! You have some delicious tacos! No frying the meat, no making my house smell of oil, just did a little re-hydrating and had a delicious meal!!!!
Have you tried the Freeze Dried Meat??? If so….what did you think?