Live by a Retail Store? You won’t want to miss out on the BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR!!
Hard Red or White Wheat  50lbs or (2) 25 lbs-an essential to ANY food storage!
Long Grain White Rice 25lbs or 50lbs-great shelf life!
Long Grain Brown Rice 25lbs or 50lbs (not all stores have 50lbs)-good nutrients!
Regular or Quick Oats 25lbs or 50lbs-I am dreaming of Oatmeal cookies now!
Honeyville Freeze Dried Zucchini, Corn, Bananas, and the NEW Sweet Potatoes-Corn is my favorite…well, so is the Zucchini! Sweet Potato recipes coming soon!
Honeyville Powdered Shortening-this is one of my VERY favorite all time products! Love, love, love this stuff!
Regular Milk Substitute  37lbs BUCKET
Chocolate Milk Substitute 37lbs BUCKET
100 Gallon Water Tank
6 gallon Bucket w/lid
6 gallon Gamma Lid-yes, I color coordinate my food storage!
Universal Bucket Opener
Water Brick
Butane Stove
Honeyville Gelatin 5lbs (CLEARANCE)
Wasn’t that a GREAT list!!!  This sale is going on now and runs through Saturday, October 15th.