So I know some of you are still enjoying the snow and some are freezing and dreaming about Spring coming.  Then there are some of the west coast people who are enjoying warmer weather…wherever you are there is no harm in getting ready for Spring to be here. So in lieu of Spring I have a Lemonade Recipe for you that you will love and be ready to share at any gathering- no one will ever know it has Freeze Dried Strawberries! I dare you to make it up, serve it for dinner tonight, and not say a word about the ingredients until everyone has raved about how good it was!

1 quart prepared Honeyville Lemonade
12 oz. Ginger Ale (1 can)
Blend the strawberries in a blender. Mix together the lemonade, strawberries, and ginger ale. Add some ice and serve. 
 Blend those Strawberries in a blender and mix all ingredients together…

And now you have yourself a refreshing, tasty, spring-y, drink! Enjoy!!