It’s just about a week before Christmas. Need a quick, easy, inexpensive gift for a neighbor, co-worker, teacher, friends, a gift exchange? I have a great gift idea that is honestly pretty quick and easy.
Homemade Heating/Cooling Pad

Super Easy Instructions:
1. Get some material-either leftover that you have laying around your home. Or I went to my local store and picked up the above fabric. $1 a piece!
2. Cut into desired shape and size. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but all three are different. I didn’t follow a pattern, use a ruler, nothing! Just cut out a square, small rectangle and longer rectangle.
3. Place the design sides of the fabric together. Sew with machine or by hand the open edges, leaving about 1/2 inch-1 inch open.
4. Turn fabric right side out with your open space.
5. Fill with whatever food storage grains you have at your home: wheat, oats, whole corn, rice, barley, beans, flax seed. You don’t want to fill it the whole way, leave some space so that it will be able to form when the heating pad is in use (I used rice in one and wheat in the other two)
6. Sew up the opening that was used to fill the bag. 
7. Then put a “Merry Christmas” tag on it and it’s ready to be gifted!
*To use: put in microwave for 1-3 minutes. Make sure you shake the bag before applying to skin to make sure it isn’t too hot.
*Freezer: Stick in freezer. Use when needed.
Some “extras” you can do:
  • You can get plain fabric for the actual heating pad part then your “cute” fabric you can make a  removable cover so that it can be washed if needed.
  • You get add some aroma to it by putting in spices, herbs, or essential oils. A tip: put desired choice of aroma and your choice of filling in a zip lock bag or bowl and mix before putting in your heating pad.
Just an idea for you. Might help you rotate some food storage that is becoming old or not being used fast enough. And if I should say myself, the heating pads are AWESOME! Especially this time of the year when I can’t seem to get warm.
Merry Christmas!
(Thank you to the Chandler Retail for this idea!)