Quick healthy meals

Busy schedules can make food planning incredibly difficult. But a shortage of time need not result in you ignoring your health (or your taste buds!). There are lots of options for quick, easy meals that also make you feel great. Here are some of our favorites:

Curried Quinoa and Red Lentil Soup 

The blast of protein you’ll get from this quick meal will help you power through the rest of the day. The blend of lentils and quinoa offers the satisfaction of a hearty home cooked meal, but it doesn’t sit heavily on your stomach. Middle Eastern flavors provided by garlic, curry powder and ginger, also make this a delicious way to stay healthy. If you prefer more heat, consider adding a pinch of cayenne pepper. The lentils cook in just 10 minutes, so you’ll have a complete, healthy meal ready to eat in under 45 minutes.

Low Carb Thai Peanut Chicken and Broccoli 

This great Thai dish is dairy free, so it’s suitable for lactose intolerant diners. It’s also low carb, to help with your waistline! You can achieve your health goals without spending hours in meal prep – this recipe can be made in under 30 minutes, and will only dirty a pair of dishes. To help bring out the great peanut flavor, consider using Honeyville’s peanut butter powder. This substitution offers bold taste with less fat.

Sweet Potato Quinoa Casserole  

This healthy recipe is packed with vegetables, and includes 3 different types of cheese for that wow factor. Eating healthy has never tasted so good! With cauliflower, spinach, and roasted sweet potatoes, this dish boasts as much color as it does flavor. And when you use Honeyville’s organic quinoa, you can be sure that the extra protein will keep you satisfied long after the dishes are done.

Homemade Vegetable Tortellini Soup

This soup is a must on a cold, rainy day. An innovative blend of minestrone and creamy tomato, this soup adds flair by substituting tortellini in place of flat noodles. Normally, this much flavor takes all day to achieve, but this recipe can be completed in just over 30 minutes.

The Yummiest Pizza

Whoever said pizza isn’t good for you?! This recipe boasts Honeyville artisan flour for the most delicious pizza crust you’ve ever tasted. After you’ve prepped the dough, top it with your favorite healthy options, and bake it for just seven minutes on your pizza stone. Low fat cheese and veggies keep the fat content low, and the ability to pick your own toppings makes this a family favorite!

It can be difficult to balance healthy eating and a busy schedule. Fortunately, these recipes will fuel your body and satisfy your hunger cravings, without chaining you to the kitchen!