What is your all time favorite food? You know, that one thing that you could eat every day for the rest of your life. That meal you always want for every birthday, Holiday, special occasion, or celebration.

For me, Gumbo is one of those meals. I just love everything about it. That warm, spicy taste. The delicious combination of rice and smoked sausage. Gumbo is that perfect, down-home cooked meal that warms your soul and brings people together. Though I love Gumbo with a passion, I’ve always steered away from making it myself. Why? When you love a meal that much, you don’t want to mess it up. You want to make sure that you find the perfect recipe before you try it.

This is that recipe! Using our versatile Fagor 3 in 1 Cooker, combined with our Freeze Dried Chicken, we’ve got a recipe that tops even the best Gumbo you’ve ever tried. Trust us, this is hands down, slap your knee amazing! And best of all, it only takes 12-15 minutes to cook in the pressure cooker! How awesome is that! Prepare yourself for your “new” favorite meal, Pressure Cooker Gumbo!

4 cups Honeyville Freeze Dried Chicken
5 medium sized Smoked Sausage Links
1/4 cup + 1 Tbsp Olive Oil, divided
1/2 cup Honeyville All Purpose Flour
3 cups Water
1 Tbsp Cajun Seasoning
1 cup Honeyville Freeze Dried Onion
1 cup Honeyville Freeze Dried Bell Peppers
1/2 cup Honeyville Dehydrated Celery
4 cloves Garlic, minced
1/2 tsp Salt
8 cups Chicken Broth
1 can Diced Tomatoes
1 1/2 cups Honeyville Long Grain White Rice

First, prepare your rice.

Place 1 1/2 cups of rice and 3 cups water in your Fagor 3 in 1 Cooker, then set the rice setting and place the lid on. Once rice is cooked, remove completely from cooker and place in a bowl to the side.

Slice up your sausage links into small, round pieces.

Set your Fagor 3 in 1 Cooker to 12 minutes on the High pressure cooker setting, then press start.

Pour 1 Tbsp Olive Oil into cooker, then add sliced up sausages.

Cook until both sides are lightly browned. With a slotted spoon, remove the sausage and place in a bowl to the side. Keep the oil and fat in the pressure cooker.

Now, make your roux. Add 1/4 cup Olive Oil, flour, and cajun seasoning to cooker and mix until combined. Add onions, bell peppers, celery, minced garlic, diced tomatoes, and 3 cups of water, and stir completely.

Add sausage, 4 cups of freeze dried chicken, and 8 cups chicken broth and stir until completely combined. Lock lid on pressure cooker, then walk away. The whole meal should only take 12 minutes to bake in the cooker.

Once meal is complete, release pressure, remove lid, and stir once.

Add scoop of rice to your plate.

Spoon on Gumbo, then serve.

This is the meal you’ve been waiting for your entire life. The pressure cooker bakes in all the delicious flavors and aroma you’d expect in a traditional gumbo. The freeze dried chicken is the perfect addition, adding the perfect amount of flavor and texture to an already impressive meal. Serve this up for lunch, dinner, at a family party, or on a chilly day. This Gumbo will warm you up without burning you out.

Pizza, burgers, pasta. Whatever your preferred food was, get ready for your new all time favorite, Pressure Cooker Gumbo!