As you all know I love my pressure cooker. The Fagor 3 in 1 Pressure Cooker is amazing.  When it gets good, it just keeps getting better.

I love pressure cooking for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons is that the pressure cooker encourages me to eat better foods. And I eat more foods that I would not eat because they cook so much faster.

Brown rice is the perfect example. I never ate brown rice before my pressure cooker because it took to much time. When I want dinner, I don’t want to wait 45 minutes to an hour for rice to cook. When I found out I could cook it under 20 minutes,  I was thrilled.  We eat a lot of brown rice now.  It’s easy, fast, and in the pressure cooker it is amazingly light and fluffy.

The more I cook with the pressure cooker the more I learn and the more fun I have. Recently I was traveling and doing cooking classes. Often times I have to create new recipes and new ideas. I did a frittata in this class and oh my,  it was wonderful.  Eggs in the pressure cooker,  who would have thought?

Anything can be done in a pressure cooker and the amazing thing is that it is always easier, faster, and most important taste better.

You have the recipe, but let me clue you in on something.  Us it as a guide. I have learned that all the wonderful freeze dried foods available at Honeyville work really well in the pressure cooker. So if you have mushrooms, peppers, asparagus, or any other freeze dried products, don’t be afraid to add them to the recipe for an amazing experience.

Freeze dried in the pressure cooker is like fresh out of the garden. From soups to frittatas, freeze dried works really well.

I hope you love your pressure cooker as much as I do. Pressure cooking will change your life in great ways allowing you to add more exciting foods to your menu and up the nutrition in your daily diet.

Pressure Cooker Frittata 

1 small onion
2 to 3 small potatoes, peeled and chopped in 1/4 inch squares
1 cup grated cheese
1 cup milk
12 eggs
2 cups spinach
3 Tbsp olive oil for potatoes
3 Tbsp butter
Salt and pepper

Turn on your Fagor Pressure Cooker to high pressure, 7 minutes.  Add onion and 3 Tbsp oil.  Sauté until onions are browned.  In separate pan on stove top, add oil and heat up. Add potatoes. Quick brown, do not cook until done, just quick brown.

In separate bowl whisk eggs, milk, cheese, spinach, and salt and pepper. Place butter in pressure cooker with onions and add potatoes. Dump egg mixture over potatoes and place lid on cooker and pressure for 7 minutes.  Enjoy.

If using the Fagor Pressure Cooker, just brown the potatoes in the pressure cooker.

Greatest success to you.
Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy