Hello Honeyville fans, it’s Chef Brad, and with the Holiday season upon us, I wanted to share with you a very special Holiday recipe that I just absolutely love, The Magic Jar! What is the Magic Jar, you ask? It’s simply a jar filled with what ever you want! The “magic” is that the receiver is allowed to bring it back for refills as many times as you state (or as many times as stated in the card accompanying the Magic Jar).

For example, the picture above is filled with Pancake Mix. This one was a gift to my son-in-law. He is allowed to bring it back, whenever he wants, for a refill.  It is filled with whole grain, instant, just-add-water pancake mix. He loves it. My daughter hates pancakes and does not make them, so he has his jar and it is easy and fast for him and for me. Plus, I am happy that he is not eating packaged garbage! 🙂

I give away Magic Jars every once in a while, and the conditions are always different. I just did one for a party and the “magic” was for one refill. I went to the thrift store and bought a really cool canister for a couple of dollars. I took it home and cleaned it up and filled it with pancake mix. It worked out great!  In fact, there was even a battle over the mix! (It was one of those gift exchange parties.)

I always buy nice jars or containers and gift them, telling the receiver that the Jar is Magic. It is a fun gift and you can continue loving and giving all year long. As a side note, I am careful about how many jars I give and who I give them to…I don’t want to be working full time filling jars!  One idea I use for these jars is one of my family’s favorite popcorn recipes. The list is endless of what you can do.  From salsa to spices, cookies to candies…you can be as creative as you want!

For the pancake mix, I go to Honeyville and buy the butter powder, egg powder, buttermilk powder, honey powder, and baking powder. I grind my grains and mix a big bucket of pancake mix to share and use. The recipe is included below, and I know you’ll love giving it as much as I do.

Whole Grain Pancake/Waffle Mix

6 cups fresh ground whole grain flour
(grind on pastry setting or fine on your WonderMill)
** Spelt, brown rice, and barley make a fantastic whole grain “Wonder Flour”.
** For gluten free flour, use brown rice, sorghum, and amaranth.
3/4  cup Honeyville Buttermilk Powder 
8 Tbsp Honeyville Powdered Whole Eggs
4 Tbsp Honeyville Powdered Butter
4 Tbsp Honeyville Granulated Honey 
4 Tbsp Baking Powder
4 tsp Salt

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Store in airtight container. (I make a huge batch when I do this…6 times or more).

To make pancakes or waffles, place desired amount of dry mix in a bowl and add water to reach desired consistency. Whisk together and ladle onto hot griddle

Wonder Flour Blend
In electric WonderMill, place the following ingredients and grind on the fine setting:

Regular Wonder Flour Blend:
– 2 cups each of spelt berries, brown rice, and barley

Gluten Free Wonder Flour Blend:
– 2 cups each of brown rice, amaranth, and sorghum

Place in airtight container and store in a cool, dark place.

Greatest success to you in creating fun and enjoyable gifts for those you love!

Chef Brad
America’s Grain Guy