Time to switch those Sale Items up in the Retail Stores! Through Saturday, Dec. 17th we have a list of items on sale that would be perfect for gift giving or personal use. Please call your local store for pricing and availability:

Honeyville Farms Yellow Popcorn  25 & 50 lbs

Honeyville Farms Yellow Popcorn 5 lb can
All Shirley J Products
Victorio Grain Mill

Honeyville Farms 4 Grain Cereal Mix 25 lbs

(I love to use the 4 grain to substitute in my recipes that call for Oatmeal…LOVE IT!!!)

Microwave Popcorn Popper
(This is one of my most FAVORITE items to give as a gift! It makes the best bowl of popcorn quickly and mess free! Make sure you grab one for yourself too!)
The BOSCH Universal Mixer
(Can’t live without mine!!)
Only in SLC, Brigham City, and Rancho:
Honeyville Farms Assorted Muffin Mixes
(Check this post out: Muffin Loaves for a great gift idea!)
Honeyville Farms Assorted Hot Cocoas
Regular, Marshmallow Motherlode, Raspberry, Orange, Irish Crème, Mint, French Vanilla, Hazelnut & Mexican Style
Honeyville Farms Sugar Free Hot Cocoa
you could gift them like this:

(those are Mugs on top, from the Dollar Store!)

Only in Chandler, AZ:
Honeyville Farms Potato Flakes Bucket 10 lbs
Honeyville Farms Potato Shreds Bucket 10 lbs
Honeyville Farms Potato Slice Bucket 10 lbs
Honeyville Farms Potato Dices Bucket 15 lbs
All Baking Mixes, Bouillon, Slow Cooker spices, Pizza & Pasta seasoning, all Sauce mixes.

And make sure you print this coupon off before you go shopping…..it’s a GOOD coupon!

**This coupon expires on Dec. 15th**
Hope you are enjoying your Holiday Shopping!