Was eating healthy part of your New Year’s resolution? Did you sing “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a whole grain New Year!” We did! Honeyville is offering some of our most popular and hearty whole grain blends on sale to benefit your health this year and in many years to come. Adding our whole grain cereal blends to your life can be one of the best choices you make for lowering your blood sugar levels, strengthening your body and enlivening your heart. It’s a Whole Grain New Year! In fact, it’s a whole grain new life! Keep moving forward on your goals. We’re here to help.
Sale good through Saturday, January 28th
50 lb and 25 lb Cereal Mixes*
This includes:
Farina, 6 Grain Rolled Mix, 9 Grain Cracked Mix, 4 Grain Mix and Cracked Red Wheat
(*Call your local store to see what is available in 25lbs and 50lbs)
Honeyville Farms Regular Milk Substitute 32 lb BUCKET

Honeyville Farms Chocolate Milk Substitute 35 lb BUCKET 
Honeyville Farms Powdered Butter 2.25 lb can
January Group Buy items:
Freeze Dried Beef Chunks*-$10 OFF each can
*must purchase at least 12 cans to receive the discount
Yellow Cornmeal*, 4 lb #10 can -over 19% off each can
*must purchase at least 6 cans to receive the discount
Have fun shopping!