The new coupon for the Retail Stores is here! The coupon is valid through Wednesday, Feb. 29th (don’t you just love that it is leap year?). Go here to print it.

I have already expressed my undying love for Honeyville’s Powdered Shortening! But if you are new to reading and you haven’t read that post, here I go again (sorry for those who already know about my love!). I LOVE the Powdered Shortening…..why, you ask? I don’t know about you, but I buy a can of shortening at the grocery store, I use it for the one recipe that I need it for and then it just sits and sits until I eventually throw it away. Then when you use the shortening, you have to clean up the mess. Oh, how I hate to get shortening on my hands…ha, ha! Maybe I am just a wimp, but I seriously despise cleaning it up!
So then, we have this beautiful can of Powdered Shortening. Easy! Add it to your recipe and there is no mess and no throwing the can away!

Tip for the Shortening: Read the instructions carefully. They are kind of confusing. One part of the label says you only use half the amount of Powder that your recipe calls for (example: Recipe calls for 1 cup of shortening, you use 1/2 cup of powder). Then for every 1/2 cup powder you use 1/3 cup water. So it does take a little math. But I just jot a note on my recipe, so I only have to do the math once.
Another tip that I just learned recently from Chef Tess: To get the Shortening Powder to work the best, you need to refrigerate your dough or batter for an hour or two to get the best results. 

Recipes using Powdered Shortening:
Banana Bread: click here
4 grain, Coconut, Chocolate Chip Cookies: click here
Homemade Bread by Hand: click here
Whole Wheat French Bread: click here

Remember to print the coupon before you go shopping. And I hope that you LOVE the Powder Shortening as much as I do!!!