Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Zak and I am the new kid on the block here at the Cookin’ Cousins Blog. I, like many of you, am new to Honeyville Grain and am learning about all the exciting products here and how to use them.

As a kid growing up in northern Utah and Wyoming, I remember my mom’s huge focus on food storage products. If any of you grew up in a family like mine, your food storage was just an extended version of your kitchen pantry with food being used everyday. I can remember going down to the basement before my boy scout camping trips and grabbing items from our food storage to take camping with me. Though I didn’t realize the benefits of it then, I can certainly see them now with my own family. However, just like many of you, I’m still learning the ropes of how to do it!

I’m excited to learn with you about all the great products here at Honeyville and maybe even swap a recipe or two with Callie, Tenille, and Chef Tess. I’m also excited to talk regularly with all of you and maybe we can help each other build up our food storage needs, create our emergency prepardness kits together, and discover some of the delicious products here at Honeyville Grain. Keep your eyes pealed for a new Food Storage 101 section coming to the blog and get some of your food storage questions, ideas, and recipes together so that we can chat about them. I’m excited to begin learning together with all of you. Stay tuned!