We have two new beans in the Retail Store’s!! (Side-note: as I am typing this blog post, I am eating some delicious popcorn from our ever-famous Microwave Popcorn Bowl…yummy!!!) Back to beans, sorry, they are sold in 1 lb. packages; 
Zuni Gold Beans & Colorado Beans
Here is a little bit of info about these beans. To be honest, it’s not a lot of information, there isn’t a lot out there. So I suggest if you are interested, just to buy a small bag, test them out, and let us know what you think. 
Zuni Gold:
-Gold in color with white speckles on them
-Size & Texture of Pinto Beans
-One of the best beans for a wide range of recipes
Colorado Beans:
-Round shape with striking red color
-Can be used anyway you would like, but ideal for salads & salsa’s
I tried these beans in my Bean & Ham Soup and it turned out great. The beans tasted yummy and I will for sure use them again! We recently received an e-mail from a customer and this is what she said about the Zuni Gold Beans: 
“I tried the new Zuni gold beans in a bean soup this last week. They were fantastic. My sons thought it was the best bean soup he ever tasted. I am coming in for more.”
Let us know what you think! Enjoy these new beans!