Need a quick, easy, yummy recipe? This one fits that category perfectly! It is easy to make, you can make it for 1 person or you can feed a party! And our family LOVES IT! We call it Mexican Haystacks and here are the ingredients we chose to use, but of course, add your own favorite topping to yours. And I used the NEW Quick Cook Dehydrated Black Beans (oh, how I LOVE them!).
Mexican Haystacks
Amounts according to your needs:
Honeyville Quick Cook Dehydrated Black Beans
Choice of Dressing
Prepare rice, beans, chicken, and sour cream according to package instructions. Re-hydrate corn, green onions, and cheese.
Scoop up desired amount of rice, and top with; corn, beans, chicken, green onions, cheese, avocado, sour cream, tomatoes, cilantro, chips and choice of dressing
I think one of my most favorite parts of this meal is the colorfulness of it!! Ha, ha….I seriously believe that when meals are colorful they taste better!
Enjoy every bite!