It is here….Merry Christmas!!!! 
Make sure you make one last stop at your Retail Store on Saturday the 24th for your last “Deal of the Day!” 
Remember the Retail Stores have Holiday hours for the next two weekends:
December 24th: closing at NOON

December 25th & 26th: CLOSED
Saturday, Dec. 31st: closing at 3pm (Rancho: 2pm)
Jan. 1st & 2nd: CLOSED

We hope that you enjoy your holiday time. Relax, eat, sleep, bake, or whatever makes you happy! Callie and I will be enjoying our holiday time to the fullest. We will be taking some time off until after the New Year to play with family, eat (we love to eat…ha, ha!!), and sleep!
But watch for us to return after the New Year as we will be starting off with a GIVE-AWAY!!!! 
Have a great week and MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!