There are a lot of fun classes scheduled this month!  Be sure to call your store to reserve your spot.

Salt Lake City, UT
Tuesday, May 3 11AM Canning Meats
How can you have delicious pulled pork sandwiches in under 20 minutes?  Chicken that isn’t processed but ready at a moment’s notice?  Afton Baxter will share her recipes and tips on canning meat. 

Tuesday, May 10 11AM Gluten-Free Cooking & Celiac Disease
Joyce from Grandpa’s Kitchen will be here to help you discover the gluten-free products of Grandpa’s Kitchen, teach about dealing with Celiac Disease and the options available.

Saturday, May 14 1PM Meals Made Easy
We all live busy lives in which figuring out what to feed our families’ is something we don’t always have time for.  Instructor Debbie Kent will cover several ideas for planning meals that your family can make using basics from your food storage, plus a few extra ingredients that can transform your dishes.

Saturday, May 14 2:30PM Building Your Ark…Lessons Learned from Noah
There are many different ways to build an ark and even more choices of what to put in it!  This class will focus on how we can benefit from Noah’s example in preparing for the times ahead.  Debbie Kent will be teaching.

Tuesday May 17 11AM and 1PM Sun Oven Cooking Demonstration
Paul Munsen, President of Sun Ovens International, will be back to demonstrate how to prepare amazing dishes by harnessing the power of the sun with the increasingly popular Sun Ovens. 

Tuesday May 24 11AM The Art and Techniques of Tamales
Physician and Nutritional Chef, Dr. Sonia Ochoa, will teach about the nutritional value of popular Mexican dishes and the art of making homemade tamales.

Tuesday May 31 11AM Preparedness Seeds
Many people don’t realize the importance of having a supply of seeds in their storage.  With the shelf life of 4-6 years, seeds can be a benefit to you now and in the future.  Come learn about this great “missing link” in your Survival/Preparedness Plan.  Jeff Alldredge is the owner of Preparedness Seeds and will be teaching this class.

Brigham City, UT
Friday May 13 3PM Sun Oven Demonstration
This is one of the most popular class at any of our retail stores.  We are happy to have Paul Munson, President Sun Ovens, back to demonstrate how easy it is to use a sun oven and the benefits of solar cooking.

Saturday May 14 10AM How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!
Registered Dietician Grant Cefalo will be here to give all sorts of tips and insight on losing those unwanted pounds and keeping them off!

Tuesday May 17 10AM Mixes: Making Food Storage Fast and Easy
Food storage doesn’t have to take hours to prepare.  Mixes are a great way to speed up food preparation, save money, meet individual family dietary needs, and have healthier meals without preservatives and additives.  Class taught by Cheryl Moore.

Saturday May 21 10AM Sun Oven Demonstration
This class is being offered twice this month! We are happy to have Paul Munsen, President Sun Ovens, to demonstrate how easy it is to use a sun oven and the benefits of solar cooking.

Chandler, AZ
Wednesday May 11 10AM Dinner in a Jar
This class is based off the book “Dinner is in the Jar” by Kathy Clark.  Come learn how to create your own pre-mixed meals in jars and mylar bags to increase your food storage for a fraction of the cost. 

Wednesday May 18 10AM Sun Oven Class Demonstration
Global Sun Oven Instructor Gabrielle Mandola, author of, is coming to demonstrate the best tips and advice on solar cooking and baking.  She will be passing out her favorite recipes and sampling several Honeyville items. 

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Saturday, May 21 10AM Pressure Cooking
This class will be taught by Patty Hatch.  She’s been cooking for her family for many years and has discovered the joy of cooking with an electric pressure cooker.  She is fun and will make the class a blast!
Class Fee: $5 per person or $7 per couple