What happens here at Honeyville when it’s lunchtime and you have a professional grade kitchen in the store? You try a few of the great products that we have of course! For today’s blog post we decided to invite you over for a quick lunch here at Honeyville as we sampled three of our  Ranchers Cut Emergency Dried Meals. And the great thing about these three samples is that you can purchase these products at any of our stores or online at store.honeyvillegrain.com. Enjoy!

Honeyville Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken

Looking for a great pasta meal that the whole family will enjoy? Then you’ve got to try Honeyville’s Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken. This by far was the one out of all three that everyone in the office kept going back for, and why not. With a creamy texture, delicious whole chicken and noodles, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser over and over again. Even better is the 10-15 year shelf life sealed in a #10 can, which makes it the perfect lunch or dinner plan for your food storage, though I don’t think you’ll want to wait that long to eat this amazing meal!

Honeyville Rotini with Meat Sauce

Are you more of a red sauce fan? Then you have to try Honeyville’s Rotini with Meat Sauce. It has all the great ingredients you have come to expect in delicious Italian food, Pasta, Meat, and Sauce! With a great mix of different seasonings, this was probably the most flavorful of the three products as well as the most hearty. Within a matter of minutes the freeze dried concoction turned into a warm and filling pasta, perfect for a cool autumn evening. Shelf life is also 10-15 years sealed in it’s original #10 can, so keep it in mind for a great food storage rotation dish.

Honeyville Pasta with Beef

I have to say, this was the most surprising of the three dishes for sure! I mean, Pasta, Beef, and Cream of Mushroom soup bring back awful memories from my childhood of trying new casserole recipes my mom would find. Let me tell you, I was nervous about Honeyville’s Pasta with Beef, but as soon as that fork hit my mouth, my nerves melted away with the delicious taste of creamy mushrooms, tender pieces of beef and delicious pasta, all made within a matter of minutes! Surprised? Yes! Buying a can for myself? Emphatic yes!

Now it’s your turn. Pick up these delicious items and tell us what you think about them. Which is your families favorite?