Do you need a last minute gift idea? Hopefully you are all finished with your Holiday shopping, but if you aren’t and are looking for some ideas, just maybe, I can help! These gift ideas can also be tweaked and used for Birthdays or other gifts throughout the year.
 Honeyville’s Tomato Powder (love this stuff!!!), some pasta, and Parmesan Cheese (all products sold in the Retail Store’s). Then at my Dollar Store, they sell “shrink” cellophane (3 for $1) and with a blow dryer it shrinks right up around the product. Slap a bow on it and you have a great gift!
Dollar store tray purchase, add 2 of Honeyville’s Cookie Mixes, shrink wrap, and a bow! Great for neighbor gifts and looks professional!
This is one of my favorites!!! A Honeyville Hot Chocolate (have you tried them?….they are SOOO good! Have you tried the Sugar-free one….I tried it for the first time this week and it is DELICIOUS!!!!!) and add a dollar store Christmas mug and you have the PERFECT gift ANYONE would LOVE!!!! 
Once again, dollar store purchase of a Christmas Tree foil pan (you would think I love the Dollar Store…well I do find great things there!) and a Honeyville Brownie mix, of course add the shrink wrap and bow! Oh, I also put (it’s hard to see) a dollar store hot pad in there.
This picture didn’t turn out so well (sorry)…but I took some of our famous Honeyville Pancake Mix, a spatula, wire whisk and some of Honeyville’s Bumbleberry Syrup and wala! Another gift! And who doesn’t love our Pancake Mix?
This pix is hard to see….but I used a 1.25 gal. New Generation Bucket (sold in Retail Stores) and put in lots of emergency items (again, sold in Retail Stores); hand warmers, emergency sleeping bag, mulit-use tool, light stick, emergency tent, etc…
There are many more ideas that you could do, but those are just a few for you. You can also add a Gift Card to any of these gifts.
Happy Holidays!