You know how there are those days when the weather is just wacky?  Like it’s cold enough for a hoodie jacket but still warm enough for flip flops.  It’s hard to decide if you want to have something hot or something cold.  Well this treat is perfect for those days.  You’ve got the hot cocoa to warm you up but the cold ice cream to cool you down!  Trust me, it works and it deliciously wacky!

1 scoop Honeyville Hot Cocoa, any flavor
7 oz. Hot Water
1 small scoop Vanilla Ice Cream

Add the ice cream to your favorite cocoa mug.

Make the cocoa by blending the cocoa mix to the hot water and stir until smooth.  Pour the hot cocoa into the mug, over the ice cream.

Look how creamy it immediately turns!

You can drink/eat this straight away or you can get fancy and play with some garnishes.  Since I used Honeyville Mint Hot Cocoa and I had chocolate cookies on hand, I crushed up a couple and added them on top for funsies!

This was such a fun and yummy treat.  It was 1 part drink and 1 part dessert and still 2 parts super delicious!  Where I live I’ll have plenty more wacky weather days to enjoy this treat as it cools down to more typical Fall weather.  Lucky me!  And lets be honest I’ll be enjoying it all year long too.  You know I am a huge fan of Honeyville Hot Cocoa!

Happy Eating!