So I told you that I did a little experiment with the cheese. I was curious about it and figured you would be too. So, here are my opinions and what I learned.
-You can snack on it without re-hydrating it: it tastes like very cheesy Cheez-It Crackers
-The cheese is very cheesy, my guess is it is Sharp Cheese
-The directions say to use warm water…..what is considered warm water? I think there are lots of opinions of warm water….so I tried
1. Cool Water: closer to cold
2. Warm Water: what comes out of my tap when I turn it on
3. Hot water: too hot to wash hands in
Here is what I found out:
-All temperatures of water worked! The hotter the water, the more the cheese melted together, was clumpy, and not like shredded cheese, but was still edible.
-The directions say to let it re-hydrate for about 5 minutes. If you are going to use the cheese in a casserole or something that will let it melt, then this time frame will work. But if you are wanting it for a salad or topping, I would suggest re-hydrating it longer. For me, 5 minutes still had a little bit of crunch left to the cheese.
I was very impressed with the Cheese! So excited Honeyville is carrying this product and can’t wait for the Mozzarella cheese to hit the stores!