Is there anything better than waking up on a cold fall or winter morning and pouring a nice big mug of hot cocoa? Some of my greatest childhood memories are coming in on a cool Saturday afternoon after raking all the leaves in the yard, or returning home on a cold December day after losing an impressive snowball battle and seeing a steaming cup of my favorite cocoa mix sitting on the kitchen counter.

Really, why shouldn’t these be our favorite memories? The combination of hot water, cocoa, sugar, and for some of us, a few marshmallows, is the perfect recipe to warm any soul during the holiday season. Here at Honeyville, we take hot cocoa to a whole new level. With nine flavors to choose from, we’ve got just about every flavor that you could dream up. So today, in hopes of getting us excited for the end of fall/beginning of winter season, we decided to hold a little taste test here at the office with four of our nine flavors. Towards the end of November, we’ll post our part II to this taste test, when we’ll feature the remaining five cocoa mixes. So pull out your favorite mug (we all have one), warm up 8 ounces of water, and prepare your palette for a delicious and comforting experience as we taste test our first four Honeyville Premium Gourmet Cocoa mixes – Raspberry, French Vanilla, Marshmallow Motherlode, and Milk Chocolate.

Raspberry Hot Cocoa

Is there anything better than combining the flavors of two different seasons to make one amazing drink? With Honeyville’s Raspberry Hot Cocoa, you get the sweet and tangy taste of summer Raspberries with the warm and calming flavor of Hot Cocoa. What does it taste like you ask? This cocoa brings a sweetness you may not be able to find anywhere else. Who would’ve thought that combining these two popular flavors would produce such a great tasting winter brew. If you’re a raspberry fan, like myself, you may even find yourself wanting to through a few Freeze Dried Raspberries in your mug as marshmallow substitutes.

French Vanilla Hot Cocoa

Let me see if I can describe this without going into flavor-shock! It was truly amazing. The addition of sweet, French Vanilla, gives this cocoa a rich and flavorful taste that can’t be beat. If you want something warm, comforting, and delicious all in one mix, this is it! If this taste-test was a boxing match, french vanilla would be the Rocky Balboa of the mixes. It hits you with flavor at the first sip and takes you all 15 rounds until you’re sitting there with an empty mug wondering how you inhaled your first cup in a matter of 10 seconds! Is there a winner in this taste test? Let’s just say Honeyville’s French Vanilla Hot Cocoa was a knockout!

Marshmallow Motherlode Hot Cocoa

Just as peanut butter goes with jelly and mashed potatoes go with gravy, marshmallows and hot cocoa are the perfect match. Well, Honeyville’s Marshmallow Motherlode is this combination x10! The mix itself is full near capacity with hundreds of little marshmallows. But be careful, the warmer your water is, the quicker those marshmallows dissolve in the mix. Not to worry though, you may not see them, but you certainly taste them with each sip!

Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

You can’t go wrong with an original, and Honeyville sure didn’t! When it comes to a smooth chocolate taste, you’ll find it with Honeyville’s Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa. This mix meets all of your cocoa needs, and when it comes to taste, it can’t be beat. Don’t by any means call this mix simple. Nothing simple tastes like this!

Though it is tough to pick a winner among so many great tastes, the clear choice for me was the French Vanilla flavor. But, that choice may change when we feature our final five flavors in November!

What’s your favorite flavor?