Okay guys this mix is so easy and sooooo good!  Remember how I had my favorites list awhile back?  Well this should have been on that list.  I always make a double batch.  One to be actually used during the meal and the other to happily munch on later. 

Like I said it is pretty simple to make up:

Dissolve 2 and 1/2 teaspoons (or one 1/4 oz. packet) of dry yeast in 1 cup warm water.

Add 3 cups of Honeyville Farms Premium Scone Mix.  Knead until smooth and elastic.

I like to get the mixtures started with a spoon.  Once it is mostly incorporated I use my hands and finish it off by kneading on a floured surface.
Cover and let rest 20 minutes.  Roll out dough to 1/4 inch thick, cut out scones to desired shape and size.

I cut this batch really big.  My husband is a big healthy eater so I knew he’d want larger scones rather than 15 small ones.  With the bigger size I got 13 scones.  I did my second batch smaller (the size of a deck of cards) and got about 20 scones.

Fry in vegetable oil at 375 degrees. 
If you don’t have a nifty thermometer, I learned on Rachel Ray the other day that you know your oil is ready if you stick a wooden spoon in the oil and you get bubbles.  Instead of the wooden spoon I just used a mis-shapen dough piece to test the oil. 

Trust me, there were bubbles 🙂

I am going to take an opportunity right now and remind everyone that the oil is HOT!  Be careful when putting the dough into the oil.  Ring toss is NOT a game to be practiced at this time.  Just gently, ever so gently, ease them into the oil. 

Once edges begin to turn golden, turn the scone to finish cooking. 
Notice how the puff up?  Don’t crowd your pan because these babies like to move it, move it!  The second side cooks faster than the first side.  Just FYI.

After the scones have come out of the oil, I like to place them on some paper towels to dry off while I finish frying the rest of the batch.

These scones are so super delicious by themselves but I often use them when making Navajo Tacos.

Or how about sprinkling them with some cinnamon and sugar…

Already decided that I am having some of these and a mug of Hot Chocolate for breakfast. 

Or maybe you like them drizzled with honey…

Or maybe you are like me and will eat them anytime, any way, anywhere!
This time I did a little experiment I fried one batch and baked the other.  All the steps were the same through cutting out into desired shapes.  For baking, I then put the cut scones on a greased cookie sheet and let them raise for 20 minutes.  Honestly I got impatient and said 20 minutes was good enough.  That was a bad decision.  When I bake bread, the bread always does a last umph of a raise when the heat hits the dough.  I assumed that would happen again, and it didn’t.  (My bread does that extra umph because of the flour I use NOT because all baked goods do that.  Totally wasn’t thinking straight!)  The scones cooked fine but they weren’t light and airy like I was expecting. 
Compare the Cinnamon-Sugar Scones (baked) to the Honey Scones (fried). 

Uh, hello, totally a difference!  Taste wise my husband and I both preferred the fried version.

Honestly, I prefer these scones over dinner rolls any day of the week.  I think I will play around with some proportions and recipes and see if I can’t make the mix work for a dinner roll.  Obviously I’ll remember the raising thing.   

Everyone needs to be eating a scone ASAP–your taste buds will thank you!  Scone Mix is on sale in the retail stores until Saturday May 14, 2011. 

Happy Eating!