All this cold weather just makes me want to stay inside and have a snack and either read or watch a movie.  The perfect snack choice for me is popcorn!  You can dress it up to be either sweet, salty or savory.  With Honeyville Popcorn and a brown paper lunch sack you can make your own microwavable popcorn lickety-split!

1/4 cup Honeyville Yellow Popcorn
1/2 tsp Coconut Oil, optional
Any additions you’d like for toppings: salt, melted butter, etc.

Put the popcorn in the brown paper lunch sack (and coconut oil if desired). Tightly fold over the top approximately 1 inch.

Repeat fold three times.  Place in microwave with the bottom of the bag face down.

Cook about 1 minute 15 seconds.  Listen to the popcorn and when you hear the pops start to die down and the space between pops is a couple of seconds, the popcorn is done.  I think it is better to have a few unpopped kernels rather than burnt popcorn!  If desired top with any additional flavorings.

Not everyone in my family agrees on flavors of popcorn–extra buttery, no butter, add milk duds, or just salt, etc.  This way we can all enjoy a quick and easy snack but each have our own bag (or bowl!) without having to buy each variety at the grocery store-which saves me money and pantry space!  Another thing I love about this shortcut is that while I love food and eating, I hate the smell of food afterwards.  To me the worst smell is hot oil/fried smell.  Not cooking popcorn the old fashioned way on the stove top, I eliminate the lingering oil smell!  I am a very happy girl!

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Happy Eating!