Gluten-Free Waffle Bread
Gluten-free is a huge issue in today’s busy world. It has become a huge business, but have you noticed that lot’s of gluten-free food and products are actually not that good for your body? Most of the gluten-free items you see in stores are filled with processed products that are not really that great for you.  

I have found that the thing that most of us miss when we are on a gluten-free diet is bread. Have you noticed that most of the gluten-free breads are not that great. Especially if you let it sit out any amount of time. I am a bread eater. I love breads and I love sandwiches. I have tried most of the gluten-free bread and there are some good ones, but the good ones, although they taste great, can be costly.
I remember when my doctor told me that I needed to be gluten-free. I was in mourning for a long time.  It turned out to be a great blessing. In the process I learned a few tricks that I live by that have made my gluten-free life great. So I will share a few of them with you.

Gluten-Free or Wheat Free?

Most gluten free people really only need be wheat free. Wheat is a huge culprit, especially processed white flour. For the most part I stay away from wheat and if I do use it, I use only fresh ground wheat. The only white flour I use are bromine free flours like Honeyville’s Alta Artisan Bread Flour.  Chemicals like bromines are harmful and cause a lot of damage in our bodies.  

Finding the Right Whole Grain

Once you’ve determined if your problems are gluten or just process wheat, you can then find a whole grain that works best for you. Spelt is a great wheat alternative. It is pure and the gluten usually is handled better by our bodies. Spelt if a wonderful grain and it does make great bread. Quinoa is also a great, healthy whole grain option that can be substituted for wheat in many recipes. Brown Rice, ground into flour, is also another option, as well as Buckwheat, Teff, Millet, Amaranth, and other whole grains. Keep in mind that not all of these are gluten-free, so determining if your problem is gluten or wheat is very important.

Combining Grains

If you cannot do gluten in any form bread is hard, but all other baked goods do well.  The trick is three or more gluten free grains combined to make a more complete flour.  So for all my baking, I combine three for more grains, like Brown Rice, Amaranth,  and Teff.  They make a great flour and I have had great success in all my baking that does not include yeast.  If it includes yeast you need grains that need gluten.  For all other baking just use a variety of grains and don’t stop at three,  be creative and fun.  

Waffle Bread

The best bread I have eaten that is gluten free is homemade waffles. They are amazing. I use my basic waffle recipe and just add gluten-free grains.  I love waffle bread.  I even eat my burgers on waffle bread.  I make my waffles and let them cool on a rack and place them in a bag.  I have great bread for whatever sandwich I need. Today I’m sharing my favorite waffle recipe with you. You can choose any whole grain you like for this great recipe!
Waffle Sandwich

6 cups Whole Grain Flour (ground from 3 or more grains like Buckwheat, Teff, Amaranth, Quinoa, Millet, Brown Rice, or Sorghum)
4 tsp Salt
Mill your whole grains into flour and mix all ingredients in a large bowl. The Nutrimill Electric Mill is great for milling any whole grain into great, fine flour. Store in an airtight container.
To make pancakes or waffles, mix in the following ingredients:
2 cups Mix
2 to 2 1/4 cups Water
Dash of Vanilla
Whisk together and ladle onto a hot griddle.

Gluten-free does not have to be hard,  it can be healthy and it can be the best thing you ever do.  
Enjoy,  Chef Brad~America’s Grain Guy