Typically summer is not Hot Chocolate’s most popular season.  But it could be.  After trying out this recipe you might just switch to this frozen slushy delight over the typical glass of lemonade on warm summer nights. 

3 scoops (not quite 3/4 cup) Honeyville Hot Chocolate Mix, any flavor (I used Marshmallow Motherlode)
3 cups Ice
1 cup Water

Add water and hot chocolate mix to blender and mix until combined.  Add ice and blend until smooth.  Top with whipped cream, a cherry, shaved chocolate, or whatever your taste buds tell you!

I had a couple of swallows and then I’d set it on the counter to do some work. It was if I could feel it looking at me and calling out to me, “Drink me! I am delicious! You can’t escape my chocolate hold on you!” It was right. I downed it, didn’t feel bad and wished for more!

What is your favorite summer time drink?  You need to try this one!