Dad’s love food storage! It’s a fact proven by science. Think about it, men are, by nature, “hunters and gatherers” as well as “protectors” for their family. By design, Dad’s are built to love and embrace food storage with a passion not seen anywhere else! Because of this, we as dad’s are drawn to food storage and prepping material like a moth to that neon light on the patio porch!

So why is it that on the one day celebrating everything about “Dad”, we always reward his “hunting,” “gathering,” and overall “protecting,” by giving him a tie and a pare of new socks? Come on, let’s give dad what he REALLY wants…more food storage!

For today’s Food Storage Friday post, we’re going to take a look at 6 simple food storage and emergency preparedness items that every dad would love to get for Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, or any time of the year. You may say that this is the one post devoted completely to dad!


What do dad’s love more than food storage? How about a tool that can turn other items into tools? Meet the Quickstove, a simple and easy device that turns any food storage #10 can into a portable, emergency stove. Small in size, this stove packs a 45 minute cook time with it’s impressive (and replaceable) burning pucks. That’s the perfect amount of time to cook up a delicious meal for camping, emergency use, or even just a quick lunch during work. Don’t believe us? Check out this delicious Hobo Breakfast we cooked up with the Quickstove. And with this sleek, compact look, dad could keep this handy stove anywhere, including the car, the office, and of course, the food storage pantry.

Hot Cans

Is it a can, a stove, or a meal? With the Hot Cans, it’s all three! Dad will love getting this for two reasons. One, they’re super lightweight and easy to store anywhere that you can put a can. Two, they are awesome! Just push down on the bottom, shake the can, and within 3 minutes you have a hot soup or drink, ready for enjoyment. This makes this the meal or hot drink that you can cook anywhere! Think about it, camping, fishing, hunting, football games, anywhere where dad might need a warm pick-me-up. All he needs is a Hot Can. You know he’s going to love this!

Water Bricks

One phrase: Water Storage Legos! What dad doesn’t love to build things, and with the Water Bricks, he can build all sorts of things, while still storing water for his family. That’s because these water storage containers stack and snap easily on top of each other. Don’t believe me? Check out this awesome Water Fort we built using the Water Bricks! You can’t go wrong with these. Just make sure you buy more than one for dad!

All American Sun Oven

The tagline for this item is “Cook with the Power of the Sun” and that really says it all! What dad doesn’t want to save a few bucks on the electrical bill? That’s exactly what the All American Sun Oven does. No power needed, just direct sunlight. And the All American Sun Oven will basically cook anything you can cook in a traditional oven, stove, or grill. Don’t believe me? Check out our “Sun Oven Showdown” posts to see the All American Sun Oven compete against some of the traditional cooking products. And the All American Sun Oven is easy to pack up and carry. That means dad can take it tailgating, or up to the lake for a quick camp out. It’s the ultimate portable cooking device!

Breakfast Food Bucket

What dad doesn’t love Breakfast? I know many dad’s that would eat breakfast for every meal if they could. So, since dad loves breakfast so much, why not get him 120 servings of it? This Breakfast Food Bucket is the perfect example of “Food Storage” meets “Dad’s favorite meal.” And it’s packaged completely in an easy-to-carry bucket. Perfect for the dad on-the-go.

Wüsthof Universal Knife Sharpener

What dad doesn’t want to sharpen knives? It’s the ultimate manly act! So why not give dad the ultimate knife sharpener? The Wüsthof Universal Knife Sharpener is the Cadillac of all knife sharpener’s. With its standard 2 stage sharpening setting and Asian knife 2 stage setting, this sharpener will take any dull, worn out blade and turn it into a knife worthy of only the finest Chef! And while you’re getting the sharpener, why not pick dad up a brand new Wüsthof Bread Knife? You know how much dad wants and deserves only the best!

Now that you’ve seen some of our ideas for dad, what are some Food Storage gifts your dad would love?