Who said water storage can’t be fun? Yes, I know, the thought of storing gallons and gallons of water barrels in our basements, garages, and backyards doesn’t really scream excitement  But what if there was a way you could transform storing water into a fun, enjoyable time the whole family would love?

Guess what, there totally is! Let me introduce you to the Water Brick. These things are awesome! Not only can they store an impressive amount of water, beans, rice, and many other common food storage items, but they also have the ability to store and stack on top of each other. They’re like the legos of water storage! How cool is that?! This means no more trying to find a spot to store that awkward 50 gallon water tank. With the Water Bricks, you can literally stack-and-stash your water storage against any wall, behind any shelf, or under any table.  To give you an idea of how cool and versatile these bad boys are, check out some quick stats below

Water Brick 1.6 Gallon

Size: 9″ x 9″x 6″
Weight with Water: 15 lbs
Holds: 1.6 gallons (That’s enough water for 1 person for 1 day)
Shelf Life: Indefinitely, though water should be rotated out ever 6 months

Water Brick 3.5 Gallon

Size: 18″ x 9″ x 6″
Weight with Water: 30 lbs
Holds: 3.5 gallons (That’s enough water for 1 person for 3 days)
Shelf Life: Indefinitely, though water should be rotated out ever 6 months

Now that you know a little bit more about the Water Bricks, let’s get back to our discussion about water storage being fun. Remember earlier I referred to the Water Bricks as the “legos of water storage,” Let’s just say we put that theory to the test here at the Honeyville offices. Armed with 3 pallets of Water Bricks, we went to work to try to find some new, fun ways you and your family could build up your water storage.

Simple Stacker

Number of Water Bricks: 4 (All 3.5 gallons)
Total Weight with Water: 120 lbs.
Gallons Stored: 14 gallons (Enough water for 1 person for 2 weeks)
Description: Think of this as your starting point for water storage. You can stack-and-store this simple pattern under the bed, behind the dresser, or up against a closet wall. Get four Water Bricks for each member of your family and have them stack-and-store in their own bedrooms.

The Arm Rest

Number of Water Bricks: 8 (All 3.5 gallons)
Total Weight with Water: 240 lbs.
Gallons Stored: 28 gallons (Enough water for 1 person for 1 month)
Description: Consider this your “add-on” project. As your needs grow, so does your stacking. This design gives you a little shelf that you can place any nick-nacks, tools, or storage items that will fit. Plus, with this addition, you know how enough water stored up to last you a whole month!

The King’s Throne

Number of Water Bricks: 42 (All 3.5 gallons)
Total Weight with Water: 1,260 lbs.
Gallons Stored: 147 gallons (Enough water for 1 person for 4 months)
Description: Every King deserves a throne, and what better thrown than one made completely out of water! This design is definitely stepping out of the “out of sight, out of mind” realm, but hey, how cool is a chair that can hold 4 months worth of water?

The Window Treatment

Honeyville Customer Service representative Nikita gave us a hand demonstrating the size of  “The Window Treatment.”

Number of Water Bricks: 70 (All 3.5 gallons)
Total Weight with Water: 2,100 lbs.
Gallons Stored: 245 gallons (Enough water for 1 person for 9 months)
Description: Okay, so this may be stepping out of the realm a bit, but how cool would it be to have a wall of water storage? There are a few safety precautions you’d want to take before making this venture, mainly running some re-bar down the holes in the Water Bricks for stability. But think about it, a wall of water that lasts you 9 months!

The Fort

Number of Water Bricks: 116 (103 3.5 gallons, 13 1.6 gallons)
Total Weight with Water: 3,285 lbs.
Gallons Stored: 381 gallons (Enough water for 1 person for 1 year 2 months)
Description: It’s a Fort made out of Water Bricks. Is there anything cooler? Granted, you may not find yourself in need of 116 Water Bricks, but…well…it’s a Fort made out of Water Bricks!

The inside gives off an igloo feel that your kids will love, and check out the ceiling below.

How awesome is this? Plus, you’ve got a full year’s supply of water!

You’ve seen our creations. What would could you make with the Water Bricks?