We all know that we need a First Aid kit in our home, at work, and in our vehicles, but how many of us actually have one? If we do have one, do we really know what’s in it? Have we ever even opened it up to see what we have or what we still may need? Just like food storage, our First Aid needs are personal and unique. My needs may differ from those of my diabetic cousin or asthmatic sister. Creating a personal First Aid kit not only adds a level of comfort to our lives, but also helps us know what medical supplies we have, what we can use them for, and where we can find them in an emergency. That’s why we decided to make our own personal First Aid kit today, and what better container to use than an empty Honeyville #10 can.

We took an empty Honeyville Freeze Dried Pineapple can, washed it out completely with soap and water (to help keep that Pineapple smell out of our medical supplies) and filled it with a few basic medical supplies every family should have on hand. Remember, your First Aid kit should meet your personal medical needs, so make sure to include any prescriptions, supplies, or items that you’d need in an emergency. As a point of reference, our kit cost around $35 dollars to create.
Items Used:
1 All Purpose Pocket Knife
1 tube Antibiotic Ointment
1 travel pack All Purpose Towelettes (You can also use Antiseptic Towelettes)
1 roll Waterproof Tape
3 packs Bandage Rolls
10 Large Sterile Pads
10 Large Bandages
40 Regular size Bandages
50 Caplet Bottle Acetaminophen
100 Tablet Bottle Ibuprofen
24 Tablet packet Antihistamine
4 packs Powdered Sports Drink (for electrolytes)
Here is where your packing skills come into play! Take the bandages and sterile pads and use an rubber band to wrap around each group. This will help keep the pads and bandages organized, as well as prepare them for packing in the can.

Place the sterile pads at the bottom of the can with the bandages filling in the sides.

Add the bandage rolls and begin to fill in the sides with the capsule bottles, towelettes, and tablet packages. Be careful around the lip of the can. There may be a few sharp edges that could not only cut into your supplies, but also your hand.

Drop the packs of Powdered Sports Drink in the sides and place the antibiotic ointment, roll of tape, and pocket knife on top.

Once can is complete, top off with the plastic lid included in the can.

Creating a personal First Aid kit is the perfect Family Night activity. Each family member can put together a kit specifically designed to meet their own emergency needs.

And how great would it be to have a First Aid can for each family member on the shelf of your food storage pantry?