A while back we got a question from one of our followers wanting to know what the differences were between the various milk products we carry here at Honeyville. With four different “milk” titled products, it’s easy to see where the confusion comes from. Some questions that pop up are: “What’s the difference between each product?”, “Which is better for long term food storage?”, “Do they both come from real milk products?”, and “Which is better to cook or bake with?”

Today we’re going to take a deeper look at the four milk products we offer at Honeyville and how each can benefit your baking, food storage, and family needs. We’ll look to answer three big questions typically asked about our milk products. Those questions are: What are they, What can I use them for, and Which is the best choice for my Food Storage needs.

What is Dry Milk and Milk Alternative?

This is one of the biggest questions that comes up when talking about our milk products, and rightfully so. Perhaps the bigger questions is what the difference is between Dry Milk and Milk Alternative.

Honeyville Instant Nonfat Dry Milk is exactly what it says, real milk that has been sent through an evaporation process that also pasteurizes. During the process, the butterfat is removed, creating a nonfat dry milk powder. There’s nothing fake about this product. It’s the real deal.

Honeyville Milk Alternative is a delicious whey based powdered milk substitute formulated with all the nutritional qualities found in regular milk. Even more impressive is the fact that it looks and tastes exactly like real milk. Here at Honeyville we offer our milk alternative in three different flavors, Instant Milk Alternative, Chocolate Milk Alternative, and Strawberry Milk Alternative.

What can I use Dry Milk and Milk Alternative for?

Now that you know exactly what they are, the next questions is how to use them. With Honeyville’s Instant Nonfat Dry Milk, you have real milk that you can use in almost any recipe you can think of. Whether making a delicious chocolate pudding, an ice cold shake or smoothie, or even just a batch of mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies, this product can be used in any recipe calling for real milk. Just remember that 2/3 cup of powder to 1 quart of water, chilled overnight, reconstitutes one quart of milk.

While the dry milk is for baking and cooking, the milk alternative is definitely for drinking! And why not? It looks and tastes just like real milk, it comes in delicious flavors like regular milk, chocolate, and strawberry, and it is packed with calcium and vitamins. In fact, our milk alternative has 30% of your daily value of Vitamins A and D. Whether mixing a delicious post-workout shake or just pouring a cold glass for an after-school kids snack, this product, and it’s taste, can’t be beat!

Which is the Best Choice for my Food Storage?

We’ve now reached the questions that you’ve all been waiting for. Which one of these products is right for your food storage needs? Just as with any other product you find in your food storage pantry, this is completely based on your personal tastes and needs.

Are you looking at multiple uses? Honeyville Instant Nonfat Dry Milk has the versatility in drinking, cooking, and baking that would make any food storage prepper envy. Just think of all the recipes out there that call for milk.

Are you looking at shelf life? The Milk Alternative might be your choice then. While the Dry Milk holds a shelf life of 3 to 5 years sealed in a #10 can, the Instant Milk Alternative and Chocolate Milk Alternative hold an impressive 10 to 15 year shelf life, while the Strawberry Milk Alternative carries a strong 5 to 10 year shelf life, all sealed in a #10 can.

Are you looking for taste? That all depends on you. Whether it’s chocolate, strawberry, alternative, or nonfat, we offer a choice perfect for any member of your family.

So let us know, which Honeyville milk product is the right choice for you and your family?