Here is another product spotlight.  I’ve been wanting to try another one of the Honeyville Farms Ranchers Cut meals and the Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken is on sale (retail stores) so I thought it was a win-win all around!

Each #10 can makes about 17 servings (2/3 cup dry, 1 cup prepared).  Do not open the can until ready to use.  Store in a cool, dry place.  Once opened, place remaining food in a resealable container.  If zip-top bags are used squeeze out excess air and seal.  Place the bag back into the empty can and cover with a plastic lid.  Heat, moisture, oxygen and light will deteriorate product if not stored properly.  Refrigerate or freeze reconstituted items in an air tight container. 

Shake well before opening!

Mixing instructions are simple enough:
For a single serving add 3/4 cup boiling water to 2/3 cup of Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken mix.  Stir once, cover and let stand for 5 to 7 minutes.  (I thought 5 minutes was perfect).

Shaking the can is very important!  As with any packed food item, some settling may occur during shipping.  Otherwise you’ll get more of a water sauce than an alfredo sauce! Not that I would know that by my first attempt or anything.  🙂  If made properly the sauce is very smooth and creamy.  I added pepper to season, but I will put pepper on food before I salt it.  It’s a personal preference.  I liked that there wasn’t just one or two token pieces of chicken.  There was some in every bite.  This was good made as is but next time I might sneak in some Honeyville’s Freeze Dried Zucchini or Freeze Dried Broccoli.  The noodles aren’t long noodles but come in nice bite worthy sizes.  No fork-twirling needed!

Overall thumbs up for this!

Happy Eating!