Guess What?!?! The Retail Stores have a NEW product in!!! Ova-Easy Egg Crystals!!
And let me tell you….they are AMAZING! Just absolutely INCREDIBLE! You all know how much my family looooovvves eggs. We eat eggs multiple times a week, in every way , shape, or form. From scrambled, to burritos, to omelets; we love eggs!
A small package has 12 eggs in it and the #10 can has 72 eggs. All you do is add water and whisk until the powder is dissolved

So after hearing that the stores got this new “egg” product in, I just had to try them out! My first experiment was scrambled eggs, with some of Honeyville’s Mixed Peppers, a side of Honeyville’s Hash Brown’s and a piece of toast from homemade bread. It was a hit in my house!
We have talked about the Hash Browns before, but as a quick reminder they are super easy. Put them in boiling water and cover for 15 minutes and then fry them up!
Yummy, yummy! You have got to try these!
I can’t wait to try something else with these eggs!