I bet you are beginning to think I only cook easy meals.  Well you’d be right, as most days I think “what is the easiest and fastest thing I can make?”  However, sometimes I make something super awesome with multiple sides but then I am spent for a couple of days and just dream of making dessert for every meal. Funny, I’m always in the cooking mood for dessert. I am sure my heart pumps chocolate. My 2 year old and I thoroughly enjoyed these for lunch.  Plus it’s adorable to hear her tell her daddy that we ate “pisa-dillas”.

2 (8in) Tortillas
1/4 cup Marinara Sauce, divided (Remember that awesome recipe Chef Tess shared with us?)
6 heaping Tbsp Honeyville Freeze Dried Mozzarella Cheese

Rehydrate Mozzarella Cheese, and set aside.  Heat one tortilla at a time in a skillet over medium heat.  Let tortilla heat up about 1 minute.  Flip over and add the 2 Tbsp Marinara Sauce.  Spread sauce around tortilla about a half inch or so from the edges.  Sprinkle 3 heaping tablespoons Mozzarella Cheese over sauce.  Cover skillet with a lid and let cheese melt about 2 minutes.  Repeat for remaining tortilla.  To serve cut into wedges.  Enjoy!

Keep an eye on the tortilla as it heats.  Sometimes they can get an air bubble but a quick jab with a fork or knife will cure that.  I admit I cut mine into wedges after  I folded it over onto itself.  Sometimes my husband eats his pizza that way and I thought it was so gross until I tried it.  Super delicious. Do try the fold over!

The tortilla crisps up so nice in a skillet.  It is a good thin crust type of pizza/quesadilla.  Now of course you could go all out and add yummy pizza toppings like Honeyville Freeze Dried Bell Peppers, Onions, or Sausage too.  Like I said my toddler and I had these for lunch but I think they’d be great as an after school snack too. 

What is your favorite pizza topping? 

Happy Eating!