I love Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches.  Love them. Using Honeyville Powdered Peanut Butter and Granulated Honey I can have the taste I love but it’s even easier.  How does a PB&H get easier?  Well for one it is way less sticky, it is more manageable, and I can adjust the thickness of the mixture so it can be a dip or a spread easy enough.  And am I the only one that has issues squeezing the honey bottle sometimes?  Well that is no longer a problem.

Okay let’s get to the recipe already!

4 Tbsp Honeyville Powdered Peanut Butter
1 Tbsp Honeyville Granulated Honey
1-1 1/2 Tbsp Water

In a small bowl mix ingredients gradually adding water until the desired consistency is reached.  I liked it with just a smidge more than 1 Tbsp Water.  If you like a thicker spread use less water.  Mine was pretty thin.

I used the spread this morning on top of some homemade bagels my husband made the night before.  Seriously the spread was made before the toast was done! 

After that my mind started going and I grabbed some soda crackers and spread it on those.  Another favorite snack of mine.  I liked the mixture of the salty cracker with the sweetish spread.  At one time I thought I had invented that combination.  I won’t tell you how old I was, because then instead of a cute story it is just a sad one.

Then I got out some celery and apples and suddenly I had a yummy dip.  Another great pairing–great for an after school snack or just because!  Because the mixture was thinner than your typical peanut butter my apples or celery had no problems being dipped and scooping without breaking.

Here’s some info about Granulated Honey:

So tell me what’s your favorite use of Honeyville’s Powdered Peanut Butter or Granulated Honey?

Happy Snacking!