We’ve mentioned on here before that oils can be replaced with bean puree in baked goods. Beans in dessert?!?!  YES please!  It is recommended that we eat 3 cups of beans per week.  I figure if I can incorporate some of those beans into dessert all the better! The only difference I could tell was that it seemed to make the end results more cake-like.  It wasn’t a bad thing just slightly different.

The first I made Honeyville’s Fudge Brownie Mix and added drops of Honeyville’s Chocolate Chip Cookie dough into the pan and baked it…and then after it had cooled topped it with a Chocolate Ganache.  Since I made them with beans I figured I could splurge on the top!

I only used half of the cookie dough in the brownies so I baked the rest as cookies.

So let’s talk more about making the bean puree. You need to cook the beans, drain/rinse them, and blend them until they are the consistency of a thick milk shake (adding water as necessary).  For the brownies I used Honeyville’s Quick Cooking Black Beans and with the cookies I used Small White Beans.  Color coordinating with the dough helps to better disguise the beans.  When replacing the oil with bean puree it is a 1 to 1 ratio. No converting necessary!

Everyone who tried these desserts loved them.  I mean who doesn’t like dessert?  I am pretty sure I justified eating the cookies for breakfast the next morning because they were “healthy” with the beans. I got comments like “This is really good!”, “Seriously there are beans in here?”  and even “Wow these brownies are DECADENT!” So it’s safe to say 2 thumbs up on this tip!

What is your best bean tip? 

Happy Eating!