Whether you like breakfast in the morning or whether you like breakfast for dinner….I have a YUMMY breakfast idea for you! And the best part is you are using almost all food storage for it!
We like to eat Saturday breakfast together as a family….so this morning we whipped up some Eggs & Sausage Burritos! Yum, yum, yummy!
We received some new product at Honeyville Farms that I was dying to try: Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs, Freeze Dried Sausage, and Freeze Dried Mozzarella Cheese!
I have to be honest…..the Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs at first made me a little nervous….I mean, really, how do you freeze dry eggs and have them taste good once re-hydrated??? But let me tell you….they are AWESOME!!!! Seriously, my hubby LOVED them and he is a very picky egg eater! Anyways, enough rambling…let me show you how easy and yummy this breakfast was!!
Re-hydrating the eggs…..Look at these….don’t they look like the perfect restaurant eggs!!! Just remember to add salt and pepper.
Re-hydrating the sausage….Secret: these sausage pieces are actually very good crunchy, without re-hydrating.
We are a big onion family….so we re-hydrated some Freeze Dried Green Onions
Re-hydrating some Mozzarella Cheese….I tried Callie’s trick and just threw water in, didn’t measure….SO EASY!!
Diced up some lettuce and tomatoes, added some guacamole, and threw all the ingredients on a tortilla. Now, we could have made this the perfect food storage meal and actually made homemade tortillas….but this morning store bought tortilla’s won! 
Enjoy this very delicious breakfast and let me know what you think!