Is there anything better on a summer day than a fresh salad? That crisp texture. Those fresh grown vegetables. And, of course, that delicious, flavor infused, vinaigrette topping! With all this and more, it’s no wonder why the salad has become such a popular summer time dish.

What if I told you that you could get all the deliciousness you’ve come to expect in a fresh summer salad, but without the lettuce. How, you ask? By substituting all that green for natural, healthy whole grains. That’s right, I’m talking about whole grain salads, and when it comes to meal time, no grain is more tasty and easier to use than Quinoa.

Full of all the essential dietary fiber, calcium, and iron a person could ask for, as well as being an excellent source of daily protein, Quinoa is a super healthy, super delicious whole grain that can easily be added to any meal, including salad. Top that quinoa with our amazing, Freeze Dried Organic Corn, and you’ve got the perfect summer salad your family simply won’t be able to turn down. Grab those salad forks, it’s time to enjoy some Corn & Quinoa Whole Grain Salad!

1 cup Honeyville Organic Quinoa
2 cups Vegetable Broth
1 cup Honeyville Freeze Dried Organic Corn
1/2 cup Cherry Tomatoes
1 Tbsp Basil
2 cups Baby Spinach, chopped
1/2 cup Silvered Almonds

2 limes, juiced
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 tsp Raw Organic Honey
1 clove Garlic, minced
Salt & Pepper to taste

Make sure to rinse your quinoa thoroughly under cold water before cooking. This will help to remove that earthy flavoring.

In your Fagor 3 in 1 Pressure Cooker, add quinoa and vegetable broth.

Set to 6 minutes at High Pressure, lock lid, and walk away.

Once cooking is done, drain any excess liquid and place quinoa in a large bowl to cool.

In a medium bowl, make your vinaigrette by whisking together lime juice, olive oil, honey, garlic, and salt and pepper.

Prepare cherry tomatoes by slicing in half.

Dice your baby spinach.

Re-hydrate your freeze dried organic corn by soaking in water, then draining any excess liquid.

Add remaining ingredients to quinoa, drizzle vinaigrette over top, toss together, then serve. You can also chill in the refrigerator and serve later if you choose.

This is the super fresh and healthy salad summer has been waiting for! The quinoa bakes up light, fluffy, and full of flavor and texture. The corn gives it just the right amount of sweetness, while the vinaigrette infuses the whole salad with a flavor and aroma that screams summer fun. Best of all, this salad is loaded with health benefits you never dreamed you could have. Believe me, there is no guilt associated with this over the top dish!

Summer time is salad time, and what better salad to have than one made with whole grains!