We’ve been having lots of fun with Chef Tess having her come to our stores and do classes.  Now the fun gets to be shared with those who might not be able to make with these nifty segments from Fox 10.  Today’s segment Chef Tess talked about making homemade convenience meals in a jar.  We all have had a night where we need to throw something together quick for supper.  How nice would it be to open the pantry and magic presto you have something  ready to go by adding water and then boil/bake it.  My kind of fast night cooking for sure!! 

Check out the segment and then below is a link to her great recipes…

Video Courtesy of MyFoxPhoenix.com

Click here to see all of her wonderful Convenience Meals in a Jar Recipes. I’m warning you now, be prepared for mouth watering goodness.  Can’t wait to try out some of these soon! 

Click here to see how this convenience homemade meal plan of hers got started and basic tips and instructions when packaging and preparing them.

Thanks Fox10 and Chef Tess for sharing the fun and your knowledge with the rest of us.  Now we all get to party in the kitchen right along “with” you 🙂  Now Chandler Area friends be sure to mark down on your calendars that on Saturday September 24 at 10AM, Chef Tess will be teaching a class about this subject.  Be sure to call Chandlers store (480) 785-5210 and reserve your spot!  For other class offerings click here to see what other stores have to offer!

Happy Wednesday!